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Hi! I'm Justine. I'm a yoga teacher, Ayurvedic educator and life coach dedicated to nourishing and creating connection between Self and other.


I have a deep love for nurturing my community with infusing Ayurveda into my yoga teachings. I studied and trained at the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health beginning in 2013 and haven't really stopped. I consider myself a forever student who is eager to share these teachings with the world as they have supported me deeply in understanding mind, body, and soul connection. The more I learned about my Self through Ayurveda, the more I wanted to take care of my body and well-being.


I also realized that Yoga and Ayurveda are sister-sciences, and truly, one cannot be done without the other. Through my extensive training and background as a 500-hr Ayurvedic yoga teacher and Ayurvedic Health Counselor, my mission is to guide you in living the life you truly desire; to experience an intimate and divine connection with all that life has to offer. I specialize in a "get out of your own way" mentality and offer accessible tools and guidance for you to thrive. Ayurveda helps us to be more in alignment with nature and ourselves so that we can do more things with our time and do our great work in the world. Imagine having the tools to support your digestion, sleep, depression or anxiety. It's about tuning into the wisdom we already have as human beings. We are a reflection of nature and these tools have been in existence for thousands of years; I want to share them with you. Thank you for being here and in the inquiry of yoga and Ayurveda. Everything has a rhythm, and it's pretty simple. Explore the Rhythm of Simplicity.

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Ayurvedic kick-start is made up of just enough Ayurveda information. Small changes were implemented into my daily routine and so, I wasn’t feeling bombarded or overwhelmed. I feel calm and in control. I am eating warm homemade Ayurvedic meals and implementing daily self care rituals. My self-talk continues to shift and I am becoming a lot kinder to myself.

—  Kat, Ayurvedic Kickstart client

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meditation, Yoga, ayurveda

meditation, yoga, ayurveda

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Dosha Deep Dive: Intro to Ayurveda

Read more Dosha Deep Dive: In first discovering Ayurveda, the word Dosha may have come into your research. Dosha, or mind-body energy type, relates to how the elements are at play in our phsyical, mental, emotional, and behavioral bodies. There can be great healing in discovering your dosha as it establishes a sense of identity. If you've felt confused about discovering your dosha, what that means and what it looks like, Dosha Deep Dive will break it all down for you. You'll learn: -An introduction to what Ayurveda is -The 5 elements -Vata, Pitta and Kapha personality traits, physical characteristics, foods and lifestyle practices to support and find balance -Ways to learn your dosha -Why knowing your dosha isn't the most important thing


Ayurvedic Yoga + Meditation

Read more Join Justine Miller, 500-hr Ayurvedic Yoga Teacher, for a 90 minute class centered around balancing the energies of the season and the collective. Through postures, breath work and meditation, you'll leave feeling in harmony with yourself and nature. Flow with what is.

Yoga, meditation, ayurveda

yoga, meditation, ayurveda

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