Ayurveda for Yoga Teachers

A 20-hour Continuing Education Course

6-week course hosted online: 

September 29 - November 3

20 CEUs from Yoga Alliance

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Create sustainable ritual for yourself

Tailor unique yoga classes to suit your students needs

Understand Yoga's sister, Ayurveda, and how they work together


Do you want to feel grounded and serve from a balanced place? 

Are you tired of offering the same old themes and flows to your students? 

If yes, I'm here for you. 


I'm passionate about supporting yoga teachers who are overwhelmed and losing their own practice by putting their students and clients needs first. 


Have you ever done these? 

  • Rolled out of bed to teach a 6 a.m. class

  • Run from class to class and eat a sandwich in your car

  • Wish you had time for your own practice


I HEAR YOU. I was you. 


This is where Ayurveda comes in. Ayurveda is yoga's sister, here to support and encourage you to stay dedicated to your own practice and rituals. Ayurveda can help you manage time and self-care so you can drop overwhelm and step into the seat of teacher with more ease. 

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In this course, you will:

  • Learn how to incorporate Ayurveda into your yoga classes as well as your personal practice

  • Recognize the doshas present in your students and tailor a class according to the season, time of day, and other natural rhythms

  • Learn what poses, meditation practices, breathing practices and more are supportive in balancing the energy of your students and classes

  • Create your own ritual practices to support your own needs and create routine


Learning to become an Ayurvedic Yoga Teacher supported me in ways that I didn't know were possible. I began to understand the natural rhythms of nature and how they translated within me and how they can affect my students. Each class is tailored and unique according to Ayurvedic principles and my students leave feeling more in harmony with themselves and nature. 

Yoga Position 6

6 Modules

Module One: Introduction to Ayurveda - learn the basics of Ayurvedic principles, understand your dosha, and create self-care ritual for yourself right away. 


Module Two: Sense Care and the 5 elements - learn the 3 causes of disease and understand how the 5 elements are working in-depth and how they relate to our sense organs. 


Module Three: Vata-pacifying yoga - Go deeper into Vata dosha and learn how to build a vata- balancing yoga class and vata balancing rituals for self-inquiry. 


Module Four: Pitta-pacifying yoga - Go deeper into PItta dosha and learn how to build a pitta-balancing yoga class and pitta-balancing rituals for self-inquiry. 


Module Five: Kapha-balancing yoga- Go deeper into Kapha dosha and learn how to build a kapha-balancing yoga class and kapha-balancing rituals for self-inquiry. 


Module Six: Learn how to build a tri-doshic yoga class, integrate what you've experienced and learn about Ayurveda and the Mind.

"I can’t recommend and thank Justine enough for her compassionate teaching, authentic way of being and presenting these principles into my life. The girl walks the talk and truly wants to spread what’s slowly becoming a lost way of living. Get in rhythm with nature to find rhythm in your body to better control your life. Give her a follow. You may just be inspired to start living your best life." 
                             - John, AYT Participant

What you will get:

  • 6 weekly LIVE lessons and coaching calls via Zoom. If you can't make it live you will have access to the recording.

  • 6 PDF files for each lesson.

  • Worksheets to support your growth.

  • Like-minded community and support via private Facebook group. 

  • Journaling prompts

  • Dosha balancing yoga classes

  • Playlists


This course is perfect for you if


  • You're willing to try on new practices and open to learning new things

  • You want to understand how Ayurveda and Yoga work together

  • You're ready to step into a new level of teaching

  • You're done with overwhelm and ready to create a ritual for yourself. 


This course is not for you if

You're comfortable with your current teachings and aren't ready to add more. 

You're looking for a quick fix.