Ayurveda and Digestive Health

One topic that comes up for me quite often as an Ayurvedic Health Counselor is digestion.

It's actually one of my favorite topics because it's important to be able to digest well for health and longevity. And digesting well is not only in regards to food, but thoughts, feelings and emotions!

In Ayurveda there are 4 types of Agni or digestive fires:

Balanced Agni Sharp Agni Irregular Agni Slow Agni

Balanced Agni means everything is digesting well and moving out well.

Sharp Agni is when we don't feel satisfied when eating, we are hungry and we need more food because it's burning through us quickly and may be coming out as loose stools. This usually happens when there's too much fire. You may be eating too many fire-y foods and spices or have the fire element around you in anger, judgement or frustration.

Irregular Agni: sometimes it's okay, sometimes it's not. Some days you might have healthy elimination, some days you might not eliminate at all. This typically means there's too much air in the system. Eating raw and cold foods and if there's a lot of mobility around you like running from one thing to the next. You may also be feeling spacey or ungrounded.

Slow Agni is sticky, heavy elimination. You may not be feeling hungry and it's harder for you to digest. This means there's too much earth element. Heavy foods and heavy emotions like lethargy and depression.

But there's hope!

Look at the elements present. Do you notice more air, fire or earth? Opposites create balance.

A few simple practices to keep your digestion strong and efficient to avoid extra toxins in the body and prevent diseases:

Avoid ice water, drink hot water and room temperature water. Cold water dampens the digestive fire.

Add lemon to your water as it's more heating. If you have more fire in you, try lime instead as that's more cooling.

Avoid snacking! Ayurveda recognizes 3 meals a day. When we snack throughout the day, we dampen our digestive fire. It's like adding rice to a pot of cooked rice. Not everything gets cooked together! Make lunch your biggest meal. Our digestive fire is the strongest then, and so is the sun! We are connected to nature.

Incorporate spices in your meals like ginger, fennel, cumin, turmeric, and black pepper!

Eat with your full attention on your food. Turn off the TV, be seated, have gratitude for your food and enjoy.

If you'd like a more personalized session, please feel free to reach out to me on my contact page or book a consultation.

In health and harmony,


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