Ayurveda & The Divine Feminine

Ayurveda: Ayur (life) Veda (wisdom). Ayurveda is the wisdom of life. It comes from the same Veda or wisdom texts as yoga, and so they are considered to be sister sciences. Ayurveda is what supports us in longevity, sustainability and feeling good so that we can do our yoga and expand into more without worrying about our sleep, digestion, and immunity.

Ayurveda works with the 5 Great Elements of Ether, Air, Fire, Water and Earth. These elements are present in our minds, our bodies, our food, our environments and our activities. There are only two laws to Ayurveda: like increases like, and opposites create balance. We cannot only sustain on the air element, we need water and earth and fire and space. When there is too much of one element present, disease may manifest.

From the 5 elements, they are grouped together to create doshas or energies:

Vata: Air & Ether

Pitta: Fire & Water

Kapha: Earth & Water

Vata gives us inspiration, ideas and enthusiasm. It's what helps us move food in our bodies and our blood circulation. Too much air and ether may create anxiety, gas and bloating, fear and constipation.

Pitta is what has us implement our ideas. It's our passion, bravado, drive, intelligence. It's what transforms our food and digests emotions. Too much fire and water may create judgement, anger, loose stools and heartburn.

Kapha is our foundation. It's our compassion, empathy, loyalty and immunity. It's where our endurance comes from, it lubricates our joints and stabilizes our nervous system. Too much earth and water may create depression, sluggish digestion, lethargy, grief and congestion.

We are all made of the 5 Great Elements, and so therefore we are all three doshas. However, one or two may be more prominent in each individual. And so my personal favorite definition of Ayurveda is the truth of you. The more we understand our true nature and learn to accept what's true for us, the more healing and sustainability can occur.

The Divine Feminine: nurturing, receptive, fluid. Discerning in the doing and not doing. Practicing Ayurveda supports us in tuning into our Divine Feminine. Of pausing and noticing, what can I add? What can I subtract?

Ayurveda comes from Mother Earth. “Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.” -Lao Tzu Mother Nature respects time. Mother Nature respects Herself. Mother Nature provides us with all that we need. The proper food, water, and earth. The more we become in alignment with nature, the more in alignment we will be with ourselves.

Remember you come from Mother Earth. You are made of Ether, Air, Fire, Water and Earth. You are in alignment with nature, even if you think you aren't, because you come from nature. How do you show up for Mother Nature? Is it picking up trash when you see it, planting a tree on Earth Day, advocating for recycling and clean water?

How can you show up for yourself?

In health and harmony,


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