5 ways to re-align with your purpose

I am a soul having a human experience.

I have breakthroughs and breakdowns. As someone who is designing a life aligned with my passions, it can become difficult and confusing. It's not quite as simple as a 9-5. My life and work is a little more imaginative, creative and fluid, and that's how I like it.

When I do have bad days, though, where I don't feel in total alignment with my current flow of life, and feel a little disconnected and unsure, I come back to basics. I practice all of these following steps myself, and always feel much more centered, although some of them may take a little bit of time to get back in rhythm.

I hope this supports you wherever you are on your path.

Step 1: Let it Out

This first step is crucial. It's feeling your emotions or whatever is coming up for you, without judgment and without trying to 'figure it all out.' It may be having a good cry, punching a bag or pillow, screaming, saying all of your fears out loud, writing, drawing, dancing, laying down, etc... In yoga, we call this practice of non-judgmental awareness the Witness Consciousness. Again, there's no trying to understand why, it's simply a state of witnessing what's happening, without judging, and allowing yourself to feel it. Give yourself however long you need with this step.

Step 2: Do what brings you joy

I can get overwhelmed and agonize over the big picture quite easily. What helps me the most is to come back to the little things that bring me joy, and to focus on those small things for a while as I become re-aligned with my bigger purpose. I am reminded of what does make me happy, instead of agonizing over what I am lacking or where I'm not at yet. For me, this looks like purchasing a selenite wand, taking a luxurious bath, planting flowers and herbs, visiting a record store, playing some jazz music, meditating, cooking a nourishing meal, steeping tea, practicing yoga, and sitting in the sunshine. Truly, all of these little things align with my greater purpose. I usually sit with this step for quite a while, although just a simple day of these brings me immediate relief.

Step 3: Cleanse

My immediate intuition pulled me to prepare for a cleanse. This can mean many different things: organizing and getting rid of excess in the house, disconnecting from any toxic relationships or devices (we could all turn off Instagram every once in a while), and a food cleanse. As it is Spring time, our bodies are desiring and needing to cleanse to clear out the heaviness that has accumulated from the winter time. I'm turning to an Ayurvedic cleanse, focusing on herbs, flushing out my liver and focusing on a mono diet of kitchari, an Ayurvedic staple recipe. I'll also be spring cleaning my home, creating a relaxing safe haven for myself, partner, our husky, and our plants.

Step 4/5: Integrate

After some time in step 1, expressing my emotions, and working through the rest, I tend to feel tired and depleted. A lot may have come up, and integrating our experience I believe is the most important part. For me, this looks like some deep meditation and rest. It could also look like journaling, a walk in the woods, or sitting in your favorite chair with some soothing tea. The second part to integrating, is to share with a loved one after you had some solo time. I recommend someone who is part of your tribe, where you can feel safe to be vulnerable and express whatever has come up for you, without filtering and without feeling judged. What I find to be powerful is this conscious communication exercise, where you can share what you've experienced and they are simply there to listen, without dialoging or engaging in conversation. If you so desire to dialogue afterward, that ball is in your court. I find sharing with my partner to be helpful, as he practices active listening. When I do ask for his thoughts, he reminds me of what I may have trouble seeing myself and what is around me. This supports me in coming back to the little things, and the present.

The more that I come back to basics and focus on the simplicity, the more open and clear I am to my Divine Purpose.

It really can be as simple as crying, buying flowers, drinking hot water with lemon, taking a bath, and walking in the woods.

In health and harmony,

Justine xo

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