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Immunity from an Ayurvedic perspective dives deep into your nature and your dosha. One of the questions I ask my clients in our intake session is how their health was as a child. Typically, those with a Kapha constitution, meaning earth and water are more dominant in their make-up, don't get sick very often and tend toward a strong immune system. It's your friend who flies through flu season without a hitch.

That said, our immunity is also linked with our Ojas, a superfine substance created 35 days from your breakfast you ate this morning. Hopefully we are all eating 2-3 meals a day, meaning we are constantly producing Ojas. Ojas governs not only our immunity, but aging, skin, vigor, mood, sleep, spirituality and physical strength.

It takes about 5 days for the nutrients of food to nourish each layer of tissue, and we have 7, which makes it 35 days before Ojas is produced, the essence of the foods we ingest.

Those with strong Ojas have clean, white eyes, good fertility, strong digestion, clarity of mind and, of course, strong immunity. That said, those with weak Ojas will look tired and feel depleted, anxious, get sick often and possibly compromised fertility.

How does Ojas get depleted?

Stress, ejaculation, overwork, fever, draining emotions like fear and anxiety, malnourishment, lack of sleep and excessive alcohol.

How to build Ojas?

Eating fresh, unprocessed food in a calm, relaxed manner

love and affection


being in nature

yoga and breathing practices

adequate rest









Which brings me to one of my favorite ways to build Ojas, taking Chyawanprash. Chyawanprash is an ancient Ayurvedic superfood product consisting of about 35 different herbs and spices. The key ingredient is Amalaki, which is a powerful antioxidant and high in Vitamin C. It's particularly great to consume when experiencing high Vata, stressful life transitions and to support the immune system.

I am a big of of Chyawanprash from PIOR Living. When I was first sent the product, I was excited by the thoughtful packaging. I realized that it was biodegradable and recyclable. It's also important to me that companies carefully and sustainably source their herbs and spices and they take great care to do so.

I take 1-2 teaspoons a day right off the spoon before eating anything and drink warm water afterward. On days that I take it, I notice I feel rejuvenated, relaxed and able to handle whatever stressors the day may bring. I am currently particularly aware of how it's supporting me after coming off of a busy summer and transitioning into Fall and Winter.

It's like a jam, and it's totally possible to put it on toast, too, though I think just taking it straight reaps many benefits. I look at it as my medicine and I'm intentional when I take it.

How will you support your immune system and build Ojas? Let me know below!

In health and harmony,


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